The MK Meier Family Begins Posting

Luke and Jared Meier

Luke and Jared Meier

Greetings!  We have finally decided to join the 21st century in the area of “blogging.”  Neither Stephen nor I have ever had a blog before.  Stephen could probably care less (since he isn’t much of a writer anyway), but the aspiring journalist in me (Cristina R. Meier) has persuaded me to take the plunge into this style of on-line commentary.  If you are visiting this blogsite for the first time, let me give you a picture of what you can expect to find on this site:
*family news about Stephen, Cristina, Jared & Luke Meier
*personal commentary about the missions work we are doing in Quito, Ecuador
*cultural experiences and mishaps we encounter along the way
*sweet, tender or funny moments in caring for two babies under the age of two

Thanks for entering the world of the “MK Meier Family”

Cristina (for the rest of this MK family)

Stephen, Cristina, Jared & Luke


One Comment

  1. The closest I came to blogging is facebook. LOL. That’s enough for me. I have dial up and it has been horrible getting pictures down loaded. At first, my album titled “Preston’s first year” had one picture. 🙂 Your blog is looking good. Love the picture of the boys on the bed.


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