Another successful week in spiritual emphasis

     All middle and high school students attend chapel every Wednesday. However, there is also a special week of chapels planned for each semester of the school year to emphasize areas of spiritual growth for all students who participate. Soon after the second semester began at the Alliance Academy International (AAI), they had their second spiritual emphasis week from February 9-13.  A graduate of the school, Paul Reichert (98) was the speaker for the week. 

      Although Cristina was unable to attend any of the chapels, Stephen was able to attend parts of the chapels.  He noted the dramatic transformation of the chapel into a dark room with three projectors pointing toward the center of the room where the speaker was located.  The students sat in chairs in the stages that surrounded the speaker as he focused on how one can “know God” and how to share God with others.
     Stephen found Paul’s first chapel message to be interesting as he focused on the aspects of evangelism and how to present the gospel message to those who are atheists.  As the week wore on, Stephen also noted that the students were very receptive to Paul’s message and responded well to him.  
     In summary, it was successful on both a spiritual and personal level.


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