Farewell, night shift


Luke sleeps

Luke sleeps

     I felt quite blessed when my first son began to sleep through the night when he was 10 weeks old.  After listening to so many parents who had to wait six months or over a year for their infants to sleep that long, I also considered myself quite lucky. 

     That is why I had been nervous about the sleeping habits forming in my second son.  Would Luke learn to sleep through the night at the same time that Jared did? Seven weeks went by and Luke was keeping a 3 hour sleeping schedule each night.  I was growing quite tired of the two nightly feedings that had to take place. 

     Then something surprising happened.  On February 25th, I put Luke to bed at 9pm and went to bed myself.  Eight hours later, I woke up to find out that Luke had not stirred the whole night.  The following night, I put Luke to bed at 10pm and he slept until 6am. 

     I was starting to get excited.  However, the next night Luke up at 3am and decided it was party time. Much to the dismay of his parents, he would not go back to sleep until after 5am. 
So far, Luke seems to be keeping this interesting pattern of sleeping through the night for two nights in a row and then waking up for his 3-5am party on the third night.


     March 11 (Wednesday)- As of last night, Luke has slept through the night FOUR nights in a row.  It was also the first night that “mama” was not awakened by anything between going to bed at 10:15pm and waking up at 6am.  Not only did Luke sleep through the night, but so did Jared and mama’s bladder!




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