Stephen runs to be a hero

     This past weekend (March 1, 2009), Stephen participated in a race with the oddest distance he ever ran.  It was a 12.7 km race which is approximately eight miles.  He found out the reason for this particular set distance had to do with the fact that the race began at one police station in the southern side of Quito to the other police station in the center of the city. 
Stephen Registers for the race
Stephen Registers for the race
     The reason the race spanned between these two points was because of the fact that the race was sponsored by the National Police Force of Quito.  This was the 5th year that this race had been organized. The flier for the race stated, “Be a hero and support the National Police by participating in this race.” 
     In spite of the lack of regular training and adjusting to the high altitude, Stephen felt energetic  (if not heroic) as he prepared to meet other runners from the school early that Sunday morning.  They all rode out to the starting point in a taxi. 
     Cristina and the boys stayed home, because the race was starting at 8am.  Stephen found the course to be very hilly and the kilometer markers were inconsistent.  However, he was happy to participate with approximately 3,000 other runners after not having run a race in three months.  At the end of the race, Stephen received a “diploma” from the National Police to commemorate his run. 
     After finishing the race, he walked home from the police station feeling tired but content.  He was surprised to find that he was not as exhausted as he had been during other races.  In face, he has already signed up to run another race.  On March 15, there is a 10K that he will run at 8am.  


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