6 Signs you are watching too much Dora

This post is for all of you out there who have a toddler in your life who likes to watch the “Dora the Explorer” series.  Someone in our family gave it to us when Luke was born and Jared has become quite a fan.  I end up watching a lot of the shows with him.  That is why I’ve come up with this short list of “6 Signs you are watching too much Dora.”  Perhaps some of these sound familiar to you.  =)

#1 – You have “Dora the Explorer” songs stuck in your head all day.

#2 – You find yourself throwing your arms up in the air when you get really excited.

#3 – You find yourself shouting “Seatbelts! So we can be safe!” when you get into a car.

#4 – You have random Spanish phrases stuck in your head.  (I’m fluent in Spanish and it still happens to me). 

#5 – You have the backpack and map songs memorized.

#6 – Every time your toddler does something amazingly brilliant, you shout in a sing-song voice, “Good thinking!”



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