Half a Year Old

A lot can happen in six months.  This is especially true if you are only six months old.  Luke Evan Meier hit the six month mark on July 6. 

Luke at the Galapagos Islands

Luke at the Galapagos Islands

It has been fun to watch little Luke’s world expanding as he becomes more interested in the things around him. He has been learning how to sit up on his own and eat solid foods for the first time.  He is still working on rolling over from his stomach to his back, but he knows how to roll from his back to his stomach really well.

Luke's "oatmeal" face

Luke's "oatmeal" face

His vocabulary is growing a little more quickly as he watches his older brother a lot.  I think Jared was over a year old before he associated the word, “mama” to his mother.  However, Luke will frequently start saying “ma…ma-ma…ma…ma…ma,” when he’s hungry and looking for his mother to feed him.  He also has picked up the sounds of “da da,” “ba ba” and “na na.”

Following in his brother’s pattern, Luke gained his first two baby teeth soon after being six month olds.  The first one was the left, front tooth on his bottom gum.  A second one appeared next to it a few days later.  He enjoys using those teeth to chew on any toy (or cloth) he can get into his mouth. 

One of his favorite things to do is grab his toes, pull his socks off and then sit there chewing them.  When Cristina finds him chewing on a sock, she’ll often say, “Luke, what are you doing?  Jared never did that!”

Yes, Cristina has to admit that it is hard not to compare her two babies.  Although many people tell her that her boys look very much alike, she can already tell that they are two different boys.  She has fun seeing the differences and similarities unfold in their budding personalities. 

So far, Luke is a calm and relaxed child who likes to observe what is going on around him.  This makes it very easy for Jared to come along and take all his toys away from him.  It is very hard for Jared to understand the concept of sharing. Still, there are those few moments when Jared will run up to Luke, give him a kiss and hand him a little toy. 

Those are the moments Mama loves to observe.


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