The Joys of July

The month of July came and went in a flurry of travel and settling into our new home on the Alliance Academy campus.  With all the changes going on, it was hard for Cristina to find time to sit down and update the family blog.  Between flying to the U.S. (west and east coast) and traveling by car up and down the east coast with two children in diapers, Stephen and Cristina had their hands quite full. 

However, it was a blessing to stop and visit with family, friends and supporters.  We appreciate those who took the time to meet up with us during our travels.  (Many of you have a little box of “manzanilla” tea as a reminder of our visit.) We felt badly about the people whom we were not able to connect with, but we are glad that we can still keep in touch on-line. 

Now, we’d like to share with you some of our adventures this summer.  Skim through our categories to read about the following: 

Category – Family News
*Our trip to the U.S. (including eight different states)
*Jared’s celebration of his second birthday (he enjoyed the “ball” theme)
*Luke’s development as a 6 month old 

Category – TCK Views
*Our trip to the Galapagos Islands (short but sweet) 

Category – Ministry
*Stephen’s progress in learning Spanish

Category – Home Page
*Our current prayer requests


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