Luke Becomes Mobile

Luke enjoys the sunshine and grass

Luke enjoys the sunshine and grass

In the past two weeks, Luke has gone from being a sitter to being a crawler. I have been forgetting to mention this monumental accomplishment in the midst of trying to pass my Ph.D. exams.

However, it has happened. Luke knows how to crawl now and is using his new found mobility to propel him across the room to destinations that might not always be good for him. The other day, I found him dumping all the trash out of the living room trash can. Another time, I found him chewing on a piece of a poster that he had ripped off a wall.

Even though Jared is only 17 months older than Luke, he has long since past the stage of wanting to stick everything in his mouth or pull things off of shelves. Now it’s time to move things back up to unreachable shelves until Luke is old enough to be leave things along. This past weekend, we finally removed the bassinette from his Graco Pack’n Play, because he was starting to pull himself up into a standing position that was precariously close to causing an accidental spill from the side of the crib. I think he is still adjusting to sleeping in the bottom of the Pack’n Play instead of hovering above it in his little bassinette.

It is hard to believe that this little boy was a new born nine months ago and that he will be 10 months old on the 5th of November. It is neat to watch Jared and Luke play together.

Sometimes, Jared is a little bossy, but he does like to help Mamma keep Luke from getting into things that he shouldn’t. Sometimes I’ll hear Jared saying “Baby, don’t do that!” and then I’ll find Luke chewing on something that he shouldn’t chew on.

I guess that’s what big brothers are for, right?

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