January Greetings

Date: January 2, 2010
Location: Quito, Ecuador

Packing up our Christmas decorations on New Year’s Eve has become one of our yearly traditions.  In the midst of wrapping up Christmas lights and packing small ornaments, I found myself wondering where the time went.  The last time this Meier family sent out an update was the end of October.  Now, a new year has already begun.

Sorting through all the events that have taken place in the last two months is almost as challenging as making sure that I get all our Christmas decorations packed away for another season.  Invariably, I will tape the “Christmas box” shut before I find that one last bobble or Christmas kitchen towel that I forgot to pack.  It usually ends up in a little plastic bag sitting on top of the Christmas box.

As I sort through my recent memories, I’ll try to remember those that are the most significant.  Please visit our new posts to find out about the following “happenings” in the lives of the MK Meier Family in Quito, Ecuador:
Current Prayer Requests for the Meier Family (Home Page)
– A Thanksgiving Trip and a “Compassion” Visit (Ministry)
– Nearing “half time” as the first semester comes to an end (Ministry)
– How Stephen broke his thumb bone playing Flag Football (Family News)
– Is Jared ready to be potty trained or not? (Family News)
– Luke nears his first birthday and first steps (Family news)
Christmas Ills and Good Wills (Family News)
– The amazing fruits and vegetables of Ecuador (TCK Views)

We are grateful to each of you for your friendship, love and support even during these times that we do not keep in touch as often as we should.  Give us a “shout out” when you have the time through whichever communication tool you are most comfortable with: e-mail, Facebook, Blog comments, Phone call to our Florida Vonage number or Skype.


Cristina Meier (for the rest of the Meier family)



  1. I can’t imagine going through all the power rationing you endured!

    Loved the ABD abbreviation, and hope you can meet your goals. You have lots on your plates!



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