Mid-Feb News

February 14 - The Meier Family Poses for a Valentine's Day Picture.

Greetings to family and friends!  I (Cristina) am doing my best to try to get another update written now that it has been nearly 1 and ½ months since the last one.  Since January, we have sailed through the end of the first semester of school and straight into the second semester without taking hardly a breath in between.  Our school calendar change made it impossible to take a break between the two semesters.  Therefore, students finished their semester exams on Friday, January 29th and returned to school the following Monday to begin the second semester on the first of February. 

The second semester began with a packed schedule.  The winter sports season culminated into final tournaments for both the girls’ soccer teams and the boys’ basketball teams.  The second week of the semester ushered in our spring spiritual emphasis week.  A team of seven from the U.S. came to speak during the week of special chapels.

Currently, preparations are being made that will go into a yearly event to celebrate and honor the flag of Ecuador called “Juramento a la Bandera.”  This event will take place on Friday, February 19.  I was unable to participate in the event last year, because I was on maternity leave with little Luke, so I am looking forward to being involved this year.

This is also the time of year in which students involved in Christian Service Outreach groups plan for a special 3-4 day trip to minister to groups of people outside of the city of Quito. Two teams left Friday afternoon and several others left this past weekend.  Ecuador is now celebrating “Carnaval” vacation for Monday and Tuesday (February 15-16), and our students have until Tuesday afternoon to return and get ready to come back class on Wednesday morning.

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