Support and Financial Update

We have been very blessed this school year to have free housing in one of the apartments available on the Alliance Academy International campus.  We live in the basement level of the back wing of the Alliance dorm.  We share this basement level with the AAI Dining Commons that provides lunches for high school students.  A few dorm students live in the floors above and other wings have been rented out to other AAI teachers. 

We have also been able to keep up with our mortgage payments, because we had a renter staying in our townhouse since last March.

We have also been blessed with the additional financial support of different friends and family throughout the past few months.  Thank you so much for those who have prayed for us and those who have given of their finances to help us continue our ministry here.

We recently heard from our realtor that our renter is interested in moving out of the townhouse.  Our realtor also suggested that we find someone else to manage the renting of our home, because his business is moving more toward the leasing of business property as opposed to private property.

However, when we called him to discuss our options, he told us that the renter was not ready to leave the townhouse at the end of her lease (beginning of March).  She has requested to stay in our townhouse on a month to month basis until she finds the new job and new home that she is looking for.  It appears that our realtor will continue to take care of the rental until she leaves.

Therefore, our financial situation will remain steady until the end of March.  We will just have to wait and see what God brings us at that point.


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