Meier’s May Updates

Greetings to everyone from the family who had slipped out of e-mail contact for a month or two.  We are still alive and well and enjoying a relaxing afternoon on this Mother’s Day of 2010.  I manage every once in a while to open Facebook and try to see how all my FB friends and family are doing.  Some of you have been so gracious to send us messages by e-mail or Skype and have been very patient in waiting for our response.

So, here I am to write a quick update about our lives as missionary educators in Quito, Ecuador.  Please use the links on this web blog to find out about the following: 

1) Updates in the ministry at Alliance Academy
*Read our current prayer requests
*Our upcoming summer trip to the U.S. is now available! (July 3-24)
(Ministry Link) 

2) Adventures with the Meier Family
*Find out how our sons, Jared and Luke, are progressing in their young lives
*Read about their adjustment to a new nanny in this past month
*Read about what Stephen has been doing lately
* Find out why Cristina is still struggling with procrastination and motivation to finish her dissertation and earn her Ph.D. in Communications
(Family News Link) 

3) Fun Adventures in Quito, Ecuador
*Learn about the 21st Century ants that moved into our home
*Discover the new meaning for “did you have your coffee this morning?”
(TCK Views Link)

We continue to covet and appreciate your messages and notes of encouragement, as well as your love and prayer support.  It is amazing to see God work in the lives of the people we work with.  We are grateful to him in the ways that he continually provides for our needs at just the right time.  We hope our correspondence with you provide you with some encouragement as well.


Cristina, Stephen, Jared and Luke Meier


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