Pregnancy Update

I have been so busy the past few weeks, I’ve hardly had time to stop and contemplate this third pregnancy that I am now experiencing.  So far, we have had two sonograms to confirm that I have one, healthy growing baby inside me.  Yet, both sonograms were done before it was possible to detect the gender.  So, this part remains a mystery.

One of the things I do know is that my morning sickness is finally decreasing.  I’m also not quite as tired as I was last month (unless I get less than six hours of sleep at night).  I just finished my fourth month of pregnancy and I have to wear mostly maternity clothes as my belly is protruding a lot faster than it did with Jared or Luke.

I also know that my due date is approximately April 8 and the baby seems to be developing at a normal pace.  There are only a few areas of concern with this baby:

1) My right leg is virtually exploding with varicose veins I’ve never had before.

2) My doctor told me in my last ultrasound that I seemed to be lacking in amniotic fluid and that my placenta seemed a little low.  He said that 80% of these cases, the placenta moves up in the uterus by the 20th week.  I hope that is the case for me, because I don’t want to have to deal with placenta previa when I’m trying to give birth to my third child.

3) My thyroid is “hyperactive,” meaning it is overworking itself which can cause low birth weight and development of the brain of the baby.  So, I’m currently taking a hormone pill to help regulate my thyroid.

Besides that, I am feeling fine as I try to balance my time with my boys and my class work and still get enough sleep to make it through each day.

Cristina's profile at 16 weeks of pregnancy.


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