2010 Snapshots for the MK Meier Family

Today marks the end of an entire decade of the 21st century.  Exactly ten percent of this “new” century is already behind us.  What an amazing ten years it has been.  What an intriguing year this past one has been.

Our blog already contains many of the highlights for this past year, so I won’t go into great detail.  I’ll just mention some of the recent developments that have both blessed and challenged our lives.  Feel free to read about the details in our blog.

1)  THE EMPTY HOUSE (Ministry) — The tenant who moved into our townhouse in West Virginia at the end of July left unexpectedly at the beginning of November. We are facing the same situation we had our first year on the mission field.  Our debts are increasing as we struggle to pay monthly mortgage bills during the hardest time of the year to find renters.

2) A VOYAGE WITHOUT IMMEDIATE RESULTS (Ministry) — Stephen completed his recruitment fair trip to Atlanta, GA, in early December, but came back with no job offers.  So, he is continuing his search for new schools both in the U.S. and internationally that are looking for experienced school administrators for the 2011-2012 school year.

3) MY FIRST CHRISTMAS PRESENT (Family News) — During the time Stephen was in the U.S., I convinced my doctor to do another ultrasound so that we could find out the gender of the baby to give Stephen a chance to bring back some appropriate baby clothing from the U.S. It’s a…..(read the blog).  =)

4) CHRISTMAS WITH THE MK MEIER FAMILY (Family News) – Read in our blog about our quiet but special Christmas celebration at home with the kids.

5) A CENSUS WORTH REMEMBERING (TCK Views) – Find out how we spent the final Sunday of November at home and why not a single church held a service that Sunday.

May 2011 bring each of you continued peace and joy in the face of global and local uncertainties.  May God’s Word and his Love be your true anchor in every storm you face.  It is a pleasure staying in touch and knowing that so many are supporting our ministry in prayer. 

Happy New Year!


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