Girls Come Early

Everyone knows that there are old wives tales about pregnancy and raising children.  I heard many during my first pregnancy with Jared, and continued to hear them when I was pregnant with Luke and now with little Grace. 

However, there are certain things I have heard only here in Ecuador.  Perhaps they are not exclusive to this country.  I just know I haven’t heard them in the U.S.

So, here is a short list that I will try to add to as I hear more.

1) Girls Come Early

Actually, the first place I heard this was in my pediatrician’s office in Quito, when I took Luke in for his two-year appointment.  It was the secretary who told me this.  I just smiled and nodded at her.  I didn’t want to sit there and give her a list of all the baby girls I know who were born past their due dates.  First example is…me.  My mom told me that I was born over a week late of my due date.

Our nanny told me the same thing the other day…that this baby would be born earlier because she’s a girl.  But then after talking some, she revealed that neither one of her daughters were born early of their due dates.  However, she still believes the saying in Ecuador that girls are born before their due dates and boys are born after their due dates.   Hmmm….

2) Eggs should only be fed to children in the morning

I remember the first nanny we had would not give Jared a snack of scrambled eggs after a certain point in the morning.  She stated that it was bad for one’s health to eat eggs in the afternoon and evening. But then, I guess she’s never been to the countries that serve egg products as part of lunch and dinner meals.

3) The Magical Cure to Any Ailment: Manzanilla Tea

The herb known as “manzanilla” is translated “chamomile” in English.  So, yes…the Ecuadorians drink a lot of chamomile tea.  In the hospitals, they call it “aromatic” and ask if you want pure water or “aromatic” when you ask for something to drink.  They will use this tea for all sorts of reasons.  They say this tea will cure stomach problems, help babies with colic, help decongest someone with a bad sinus or chest cold, aids digestion, helps to make you thinner and many more.

*Note: My pregnant brain can’t remember any more at the moment.  I will add more when I can think of them later



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