A Quick Trip to Texas

Brazosport Christian School made a way for us to come up and visit them at the end of their school year.  They really wanted Stephen to be there for their graduation, so we made plans to travel up on Wednesday, May 18 and return on Saturday, May 21.

We flew into Texas at around noon on Wednesday and ate lunch at the airport.  Then we went to our rental car.  The drive down to Lake Jacksonwasn’t too long.  It took a little over an hour to get there.  I was interested in seeing a sign outside the city describing Lake Jackson as the “city of enchantment.”

The next thing I noticed about the city was the wind.  As we stood outside of Home Depot getting the boys back in their car seats, I noticed the strong winds blowing and the slight scent of ocean air mixed in.

We spent a couple days at the school getting together with teachers and families in the community over lunch.  Then Stephen attended the high school graduation while I rested in the hotel.

Another unexpected benefit was the tour of different rental properties.  We were able to find one that we liked that was within a mile and a half from the school.  The school helped us with June and July’s rent so that we can move right into our house when we arrive in Mid-July.

Jared and Luke at the pool in our hotel.


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