Notes on Grace

It is hard to believe my little baby girl is already six months old.  Already she is developing into a morning person and a fussy, evening child.  She rarely cries when she wakes up in the morning.  Often I find her lying in her crib looking around as if she is simply listening to the sounds of life going on outside of her bedroom door.

Her bedroom door is permanently stuck open so it is nearly impossible to create a quiet environment for her naps.  So, it is a good thing that she isn’t a light sleeper.  As soon as the boys are up in the morning and running around, I’m sure she wakes up.  I can never quite tell when she wakes up because she doesn’t demand immediate attention.  She seems content to wait until someone takes notice of her.

I’m pretty sure she knows how to roll over.  I just haven’t given her much time to practice.  I rarely can lay her down on the ground to test that theory, because my two energetic boys leave me in constant panic that they may trip over her or land on top of her in the midst of one of their wrestling matches.  Right now her favorite spot is to sit in a walker in the living room with a few toys and just watches her brothers play.

She also likes to scrunch her little mouth into a pucker and make little blowing noises through her lips.  She also likes to smile while letting her tongue hang out of her mouth. She has a very expressive little face.  Her brothers love to play with her.

And now her first tooth is starting to make its way to the surface of her bottom gum.  In spite of the soreness, she doesn’t complain too much.  Grace continues to be a peaceful, content little baby who loves to have attention.

Grace playing in her walker




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