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Why the name?
The reason for calling ourselves the “MK Meier Family” is simply because we come from several generations of families who left their home countries to sojourn in a completely new country to learn its language and culture and share a heavenly love that transcends all cultures and languages.  Both Stephen and Cristina’s parents lived this kind of adventurous lifestyle. Cristina’s grandparents also felt the same calling, which makes Cristina’s mother an “MK” herself.  Both Stephen and Cristina have had the term “MK” applied to them their whole lives. (Note: If you are still not sure what the term “MK” means, feel free to contact us for a better explanation.)

Stephen and Cristina became followed their parents’ examples for the first time in the fall of 2008 when they moved to Quito, Ecuador to work at the Alliance Academy International of Quito, Ecuador. At the time of their move, they had one child who was 12 months old and one child in the womb.  During their time in South America, they were proud to pass the title of ‘MK” down to their sons, Jared and Luke.  In the spring of 2011, their family expanded to include a little girl by the name of Grace.

Where did they go from there?
Stephen and Cristina Meier left Quito, Ecuador (South America) with their three kids in the summer of 2011 and landed in a little town just south of Houston, Texas.  Stephen was the head of school at a Christian school in Lake Jackson, Texas called Brazosport Christian School for six years.  Cristina was a stay at home mom with their three MK kids for the first five years as she worked on finishing her Ph.D. in Communications and took care of their growing family as they welcomed their fourth child in January of 2013. Their Texan son, Seth, was born in the Woman’s Hospital of Texas of Houston.

Their sixth year, she joined the teaching staff at BCS (where all four of their kids were now attending) in order to teach all the elementary Spanish classes and the middle school Spanish classes.  In spite of teaching more than half the population at the school, it was still considered a part time job.  She somehow managed to continue to take care of all her duties a mom to her four children and three international high school students from China who were also living in their home.

What made them leave Texas after living there for six years?
Stephen and Cristina will always feel a little like foreigners no matter where they live.  Lake Jackson, Texas had become their home, but there was always a longing to be a part of an international school wherever God might open the door.  In the early months of 2017, that door opened to go to an international “faith-based” school in mainland China.  The adventures continue as this MK Meier family learns a new language and culture in the far east.


Where are they now?
Stephen and Cristina had been feeling that they would not stay in China any longer than two years.  In the summer of 2019, they packed up all their belongings, headed back to the U.S. for a summer break and then repacked everything to go to a new school in Ankara, Turkey! 

Look for new blog posts from Turkey starting in August of 2019.

Contact Information:
Stephen’s e-mail – usastephen77@yahoo.com
Cristina’s e-mail – crcmeier@yahoo.com



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