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Why the name?
The reason for calling ourselves the “MK Meier Family” is simply because we come from several generations of missionary families.  Both Stephen and Cristina’s parents were missionaries (and still are). Cristina’s grandparents were also missionaries, which makes Cristina’s mother an “MK” herself.  Both Stephen and Cristina have had the term “missionary kid” or “MK” applied to them their whole lives.

Stephen and Cristina became missionaries themselves in the fall of 2008 when they moved to Quito, Ecuador to work at the Alliance Academy International of Quito, Ecuador. They moved down with one child on their laps and one child in the womb.  As they lived and grew as a family, they were proud to pass the title of ‘MK” down to their sons, Jared and Luke.  In the spring of 2011, their little “MK” family expanded to include a little girl with the name of Grace.

Where are they?
Stephen and Cristina Meier left Quito, Ecuador (South America) with their kids and most important belongings to return to the United States for financial reasons.  Stephen is currently the head of school at a christian school in Lake Jackson, Texas called Brazosport Christian School.  He took this position so that Cristina can be a stay at home mom with their three MK kids. At the end of their first year in Texas, Cristina became pregnant with their fourth child.  In January of 2013, their first Texan son was born in the Woman’s Hospital of Texas in Houston.  They decided that Seth’s birth would complete their family.

How long will they be the in Texas?
Stephen and Cristina will always feel a little like foreigners no matter where they live.  Neither of them have ever lived in Texas before.  So, moving to Lake Jackson (an hour south of Houston) in July of 2011, is a big change from where they had been living in South America. However, they feel like God has them there for a reason and they are excited about the upcoming third year in Lake Jackson.

Contact Information:
Stephen’s e-mail – usastephen77@yahoo.com
Cristina’s e-mail – crcmeier@yahoo.com
Vonage Phone number -979-258-3445

The front of our home in Lake Jackson, Texas


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