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As of January 2019, Stephen and Cristina Meier and their children (Jared, Luke, Grace & Seth) are half way through their second year living in mainland China.  Currently, Stephen is the headmaster at an international “faith-based” school.  Cristina is currently enjoying a break from teaching.  Jared is enjoying his first year of middle school as a sixth grade student.  Luke is in fourth grade,  Grace is in second grade and Seth is in kindergarten.

We are currently planning on packing up and moving….somewhere….at the end of the 2018-2019 school year.

What’s this page for?
This page will be dedicated to the new events that happen in the lives of Stephen, Cristina, Jared, Luke, Grace and Seth.

Fun Facts About the Family:
Stephen & Cristina’s Anniversary –
July 16, 2005

Stephen Tim Meier
Birthday – May 1, 1977
Favorite Color – Red
Life Scripture Passage- Galatians 6:7-10
Favorite Activity – Running

Cristina Rebeca (Cobb) Meier
Birthday – September 29, 1976
Favorite Color – Pink
Life Scripture Passage – Psalm 19
Favorite Activity – Writing

Jared Anthony Meier
Birthday – July 25, 2007
Favorite Classes – Math and Chinese
Favorite Color – Red
Favorite Activity – drawing, photography and playing soccer
Faith Journey – Asked Jesus into his heart in the spring of 2012 and was baptized on August 4, 2013

Luke Evan Meier
Birthday – January 5, 2009
Favorite class – Character Studies
Favorite Color – Blue
Favorite activity – reading, playing soccer
Faith Journey – Asked Jesus into his heart in June of 2015 and was baptized on August 7, 2016.

Grace Erin Meier
Birthday – April 2, 2011
Favorite Class – Art
Favorite Color – Pink, Purple or white
Favorite activity – painting, playing with clay or playing with her stuffed animals
Faith Journey – Asked Jesus into her heart at some point while she was in kindergarten (2016?), but told us about it later on, so I’m not sure exactly when it was. She has said she wants to get baptized sometime in the future, but she is not ready yet.

Seth Adrian Meier
Birthday – January 17, 2013
Favorite kindergarten activity – writing and listening to stories
Favorite Color – Orange
Favorite Activity – role play games with his toys
Faith Journey – Asked Jesus into his heart on December 25, 2016. He has not expressed a desire to be baptized yet, but he loves hearing Bible stories and retelling them to whoever will listen.


6 thoughts on “Family News

  1. Eric Farel

    Hi to everyone from the snow capital of the USA.
    70 t0 80 inches of snow so far. We continue to dig out. SVCA is back in session. Most of the public schools are still stranded at home. The back roads are exciting. Not much room to run or bike. One lane in alot of areas. We are all doing well. John is still awainting his double-lung transplant. Keep praying. James still working at the U.S. Congress. Erin waiting to start some type of nursing school in April. God Bless You All! Juntos Marchamos, Gloria Dios! Pastor Eric

    1. mkmeierfamily Post author

      Yeah, we’ve been hearing about all the snow on T.V. It makes me glad I live in the “land of eternal spring.” Stay warm up there!


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