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The MK Meier Family leaves mainland China
Early in 2017, Stephen accepted a position of head of school at an international “faith-based” school in mainland China and the MK Meier family moved there in July of 2017.  We live in a city that is at the heart of this land.  During our time here we have experienced the amazing hand of the Father in all that we do.  We have met some amazing people and grown to appreciate the culture and its people.

We made a two year commitment to live and work in this location, and those two years were completed by the summer of 2019. This past school year (2018-2019), our theme was “Choose Joy.” And so the stage was set for someone to take us op on that challenge.  It only took a few months into the school year before we were facing situations that required great faith in order to continue to make the choice toward joy. Our school went through a variety of tests and challenges that gave many of us a personal look at what “Choosing Joy” really looks like.  There were times I felt that the foundation beneath our feet was crumbling just like a sand castle that is washed away at the end of the seas shore.  I often felt like a small child, covering my eyes and waiting for the worst to come.  But then, I looked up and to my awe and wonderment, I found that I wasn’t standing on shifting sand.  I could see the bright faces all around me and I noticed that we all still had a solid and immovable rock beneath our feet.  That rock was our “Hope” in knowing that we are all HIS no matter where we go and what we do.

We carry this same hope with us now that we have left China and prepare for our new adventures as MK-servants to an international school in Ankara, Turkey. More updates to be posted in August.


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