Stephen’s Job Hunt

Stephen made his decision official with the director of the Alliance Academy International a few weeks ago and let him know that he is actively looking for a new school administrative job position for next school year.  Our school made the announcement within the school to find out if anyone is interested in trying to apply for his job and then will open the job to others who might be interested. 

In the meantime, Stephen has been traveling a bit of a roller coaster and he signs up for different hiring associations for Christian schools in the United States and international schools around the world.  There have been a few schools that have responded with interest. 

One international school in La Paz, Bolivia, went as far as to say that he was one of the semi-finalists for their hiring process.  They told him that if he made it to the next “round” they would invite him to come visit them at the end of September.  This brought us to a place of waiting for several weeks in which Stephen tried not to make any extra plans for the final week of September as he might be traveling.  Finally, on the last day of September, he got a response saying that he had not made the final cut and two other candidates were being asked to visit the school. 

So, now, Stephen moves on to other job perspectives.  He recently signed up for a special hiring conference that will take place in Atlanta, Georgia during the first week of December. This association helps to supply new teachers for international schools specifically in South America.  During that time, he also plans to visit a Christian school in Naples, Florida that has also expressed an interest in hiring him.

He has also looked at some other schools internationally that might work for us.  A school in Seoul, South Korea contacted Stephen to see if he was interested in applying for a position as high school principal there.  Stephen also saw an opening for a school in China and applied for that job as well. 

Please keep us in prayer during this process as we try to figure out where God is trying to take us next.  Wherever we go, we want to continue to serve him in all that we do.  Ideally, Stephen would like to have a job offer settled by the end of the year.