Meier Family Deliveries of 2013

Date: Monday, June 10, 2013
Location: Lake Jackson, Texas

Once again, I find myself scrambling to catch up after many months of silence.  My writing endeavors have been limited to reminder notes for the daily basic things of life and random posts I’ve managed to put on Facebook.  I have to admit that only about 50% of the witty and charming ideas I have thought of putting on Facebook actually make it there. Usually, my thoughts hit on something especially “Facebook” worthy at a moment when I cannot access my computer.  By the time I’ve actually sat down and logged in, I can’t remember what I had wanted to post several hours (or days) earlier.

So, when I think about writing for my blog or attempting to work on re-writing the first few chapters of my dissertation, it usually becomes a fleeting thought that never quite materializes in during the busy, awake time of my day.

The last time that I attempted to update my blog, I was still pregnant with my fourth child.  We were expecting another boy.  We had decided that his name would be Seth Adrian Meier and we were hoping that we wouldn’t have any major complications in giving birth.  We were also praying for God’s provision since our health insurance doesn’t cover maternity costs. We made our final road trip to Florida over Thanksgiving break and returned to Lake Jackson, Texas to enjoy Christmas and New Year’s and to await the birth of our son.

FamilyPic FamilyPic_cousins

(Cristina’s side of the family took pictures in Gainesville, Florida)
White – Philip’s family / Red – Cristina’s family / Black – Anita’s family / Black with design – Tim’s family

Christmas_MKMeier1 Christmas_MKMeier2

(Christmas / Maternity Photos – December 2012)

Now, we are nearly half way through 2013, and our fourth child is nearly five months old. The months in between have brought many adventures our way.  If I were to summarize the highlights in a series of Facebook posts, it would probably look something like this:

*New Year….Baby on the Way.  We can’t wait.

(39 weeks pregnant)

*Luke had a blast at his firefighter birthday party. I can’t believe he’s four already.  I’m glad I didn’t go into labor today.

birthdaycake birthdayboy

*Uh-oh.  I found out that I do have placenta accretta and will not be allowed to go into labor naturally.  They are going to schedule a c-section for January 17.

*Praise the Lord! Seth Adrian Meier was born with no complications.  My placenta came out without any problems.  I am looking forward to going home in a few days. I am grateful for my mother being at home with my other three kids.

Seth_waves Seth_unhappy


*Jared enjoyed celebrating his “half” birthday at school today. He’s five and a half today (January 25).


*My mom went home after her three week stay.  I miss her already.


*Grace keeps getting ear infections.  She might need to get tubes in her ears.


*Valentine’s Day is so busy! I’ve spent so much time making valentines for all the kids in Jared’s kindergarten class and in Luke’s Cubbies group that I hardly have time to make anything special for my family.

Valentine's Day1 Valentine's Day2

*We’ve been discovering the true meaning of St. Patrick’s Day. Let’s celebrate missionaries worldwide.  I might even try to make some Irish soda bread.

StPattysDayFamily IrishSodaBread

*Grace is the first in our family to start seeing a chiropractor. I never would have guessed that these adjustments would work so well to help clear the fluid in her ears.  The ear specialist agreed that she doesn’t need ear tubes and that her hearing is perfect.


*We enjoyed Easter with the kids this year.  No one was sick this time around.

EasterFamily EasterTrio EasterBoys EasterEggHunt

*Grace turned two years old!  She loved being dressed up as a lady bug for her lady bug birthday party.


*Seth is 100 days old today (April 27)! It’s the only time I dress up in my Korean hanbok to celebrate the occasion.


*BCS had a successful auction and was able to raise a lot of money for the school.  Several scholarships were donated so that more students will be able to attend in future years.

BCS Auction

*We celebrated Stephen’s birthday at school today (May 1).  Jared’s kindergarten class came to his office to sing “Happy Birthday” to him.  Jared made a birthday cake for him all by himself.


*Another school year is quickly coming to an end.  Jared graduated from kindergarten on May 21. We are so proud of our eldest son.


*The weather is finally staying warm enough to bring out the pools.  The kids are excited about this summer.  Jared is already planning on what he wants to do for his sixth birthday.


So, there you have it.  That is a rundown of the most important events that have happened this year so far.  I look forward to adding more posts in the future.  I hope all the writing ideas that formulate as I’m driving or folding clothes or making dinner actually get typed at some point in the near future.

Grandparent’s Day re-lived

November 2012

Although Grandparent’s Day was officially listed on U.S. calendars in the month of September, Brazosport Christian School (BCS) has traditionally prepared a special celebration in their honor during the month of October.  Last year, I didn’t really pay much attention to the activities.  However, things have changed since Jared became a BCS student.  I knew his teacher was busy preparing fun activities and decorations in honor of the grandparents of each of her 18 students.

So, I decided that I needed to attend the event.  After all, Jared does not have the good fortune of having his grandparents close by.  One set of grandparents live in northern Oregon.  We have not been able to visit with them since Luke was six months old (and this was before Grace was born).  The other set of grandparents just recently left Guatemala and moved to the central Florida area.  Although they are much closer to us than they once were, the trip was not within their means, either.

grandparent tree

That left me to be the “eye” of Jared’s grandparents as I recorded the special moments of that day. After dropping Jared off at the usual time, I had enough time to go home and feed Grace her breakfast while Luke worked on his pre-school workbooks.  Then we returned to school to attend a special chapel session / breakfast for the grandparents. Each class got an opportunity to sing songs or perform skits to impress their special guests.  Luke and Grace sat in a stroller at the edge of the crowd and watched the activities with much enthusiasm while their mommy moved around the gym to record the scenes.

For the final song, grades K-3 through 6th came up on the stage together to sing the BCS theme song of the year, Chris Tomlin’s “Our God is Greater.” As the students filed out of the gym, grandparents were invited to visit the classrooms of their grandchildren.  The visits were broken down into two segments so that grandparents could visit multiple classrooms if needed.  Stephen took Luke and Grace out to the school playground so that I could go to Jared’s classroom and record the activities taking place there.

Although Jared was one of the few students who didn’t have grandparents present, he seemed quite happy to perform his parts in front of the camera.  Both sets of grandparents had mailed in special card to be delivered to Jared on this day.  Jared was quite proud of his cards.  He had made thank you cards for his grandparents, as well.


They didn’t receive the cards and video until after Thanksgiving, as it took me that long to get the video recordings organized.  So, they will be able to enjoy the events of Grandparent’s Day for the rest of the calendar year.

BCS is Unstoppable

August 2012 – Struggling economic times and future economic security seem to be topics on a lot of people’s minds in the past few years.  As we quickly approach the election of a new president, each candidate works hard to prove that he would the one to turn the economy around in the next four years.  The past four years have had far reaching effects on people around the world.

Its impact on Brazosport Christian School (BCS) began as a gradual decline in student enrollment.  A school that was incorporated by families in the Lake Jackson community began with an enrollment of 92 students (kindergarten through sixth grade) in 1980.  By 1994, they had increased their staff and student population to include seventh through twelfth grades, as well.  They continued to grow after moving to a new facility that included two buildings.  Their enrollment was reaching 300 students by 2009.  As tough economic times hit the housing market and unemployment began to rise, the enrollment rate at BCS began to fall.  By the time Stephen accepted the position of superintendent, enrollment was half of what it was capable.

However, budget cuts did not enough to keep the school from falling into debt.  It was around the end of the first semester when Stephen realized that the school was hitting a major financial crisis.  They had begun to rely mainly on major donors to get them through the school year.  Half a million dollars was given to the school in the fall, but it was quickly swallowed up by expenses that needed to be paid.

Stephen came to a dawning realization that the school was not going to survive past the current school year if nothing changed in the next few months.  After several months of advising the school board to explain the situation to the school’s community at large, they finally agreed.  Two meetings were held a month before the 2011-2012 school year ended to disclose the financial struggles of the school and to explain what needed to be done in order to insure that there would still be a BCS for students to attend in the 2012-2013 school year.

The main message given to the school’s community was the following: If the school did not raise half a million dollars by the end of the school year, BCS would be forced to close.

The message that was taken away by the BCS community was simply this: We can’t let that happen.

We watched in awe as different people in the community began to step up and offer donations or fund-raising activities.  Several teachers at the school offered to take salary cuts.  Some of them were willing to work for $1.  By the week after graduation, the school had raised a little over $250,000.  After going through the budget once last time, Stephen was able to make up the rest of the costs through budget cuts.

At the same time that all this was taking place, we were starting to see an increase in enrollment.  One of the biggest fears was that we would lose families in the community once they learned of the financial situation of the school.  Although there were some families who withdrew their children, the school greeted the new school year with an overall increase of 40 students which included 70 new students.  Some of the biggest increases were in the pre-kindergarten and kindergarten classes.  For example, there were only 10 kindergarten students who finished the school year in 2012.  At the beginning of the fall semester, there were 18 students (and one of them was our son, Jared) enrolled.

Over the summer, I had marveled at this miracle turn around in such a small Christian school.  I’ve heard of so many little Christian schools having to close their doors in the past few years, because they can no longer afford to keep operating.  BCS was becoming proof that when faith and community come together, miracles can happen.

One day, I was listening to Chris Tomlin’s song, “Our God (is greater).”  The bridge goes like this:

And if Our God is for us, then who could ever stop us
And if our God is with us, then what can stand against?
And if Our God is for us, then who could ever stop us
And if our God is with us, then what can stand against?
What can stand against?

I thought about the fact that Stephen is in charge of choosing the school’s theme at the beginning of each school year.  He has to come up with a slogan, theme verse and song.  I asked Stephen if he had been thinking of a theme yet.  When he told me that he hadn’t, I told him that I thought “Unstoppable” would be an encouraging theme slogan after going through such a tough crisis at the end of last year.   Chris Tomlin’s song would fit perfectly, and the theme verse is right in the song.

Stephen presented it to the school board and school staff members and they all liked it.  The school year began with this slogan printed across their announcement board, “BCS is Unstoppable.”

Thanks to God and a community of believers, BCS really has become an unstoppable example of determination and strength in the face of adversity.  It may have been down, but it is certainly not dying out of the community.

We are currently finishing up the fall fund-raising project.  BCS was trying to raise $70,000 with a car give-away.  Every ticket sold would be placed in a drawing for one person to win a car at the Homecoming Game on the evening of November 2.

Although, BCS was only able to reach half of that goal by their deadline of October 26, Stephen is still looking at this event as a great way to advertise the school.  It will be interesting to see who wins the car (and other prizes) on the night of the Homecoming Game.

Those who are interested in giving to the school can visit their donation page on the web:

The New Head of School

“Have I told you I love my job?”

The question brought a smile to my face, but I tried to keep it hidden.  Stephen used to ask me this question constantly when we were living in Ecuador and working at the Alliance Academy.  We had been living in Lake Jackson for over a month before I heard this familiar phrase being directed at my person.  I was actually starting to get a little concerned.  Was Stephen finding the job more difficult than he expected?  Was it not everything he wanted it to be?

But, no, here was that question again, and now I know that Stephen is enjoying his new job at Brazosport Christian School (BCS).  We arrived in Lake Jackson on July 8th and Stephen began working on July 12. Classes began on August 17 and things have been busy ever since.  Stephen is working on promoting the school in anyway he can.  At its highest enrollment, the school had over 300 students.  Now, BCS has approximatel 190 students total.

Recently, he had the opportunity to attend a dyslexia conference.  He was interested in attending because of his own issues with dyslexia and also to help students who might have this problem at BCS. He has also become involved with the Chamber of Commerce in Lake Jackson and joined a pastor’s prayer group.  He keeps a busy schedule throughout the week.  He tries to get to work before 7am so that he can get some work done before students arrive to start classes at 8am.  Most of the time, he is able to come home for lunch to see Cristina and the kids, and then returns to work until 4pm before coming back home.

In spite of the financial difficulties we continue to face because of moving and relocation expenses, Stephen feels that he is in the place where God wants him to be.  He has said that this is giving him great experience in running a school. He knows this is where God wants us to be and we’ll stay here until he wants us to go somewhere else.

Stephen takes in the view with Grace from the top of the playground.