Jared’s Adventures

Jared in his Santa hat

Jared Meier is now two years and five months old. For most pediatricians in Ecuador, this is way too old for a child to be in diapers. I, personally, have been trying to take my time in beginning the process of potty training, since it doesn’t seem that Jared is very much interested in the idea of sitting on a toilet.

One day, Jared actually agreed to try it out. I grabbed our little “potty book,” some cookies, some wet wipes and lots of enthusiasm to help Jared adjust to the idea. However, Jared soon became frightened about sitting on the cold commode. As soon as the urge hit him, he wanted to squirm off the toilet and relieve himself into his diaper. I had to hug him and encourage him to relax. I felt like I was coaxing someone through labor.

When he finally finished his duty, I gave him a cookie and told him what a big boy he was. I thought we had made a breakthrough.

That is…until the next time he needed to go to the bathroom. At the mere suggestion of using the toilet, Jared began to run away crying and screaming. To avoid the toilet, he’ll actually go into his bedroom and grab a clean diaper. He’d wait until he had filled his diaper and then runs over to me and says, “Change diaper, please.” Once, he actually hid under the dining room table until he had filled his diaper to make the announcement.

Stephen and I both tried to explain to Jared that babies use diapers and that big boys use the potty. When I asked Jared if he was a big boy or a baby, he looked up at me very seriously and said, “Jared a baby. No potty.”

Sigh. I guess we’re not quite ready for potty training yet.

In spite of this small setback, Jared continues to surprise us with his progress and growth. He have become very clever at reaching items that we’ve specifically told him are “off-limits.” He has discovered how to use footstools and chairs to reach up to table tops and high shelves in order to get what he wants.

We are also trying to figure out where he got so polite in answering questions. For the last couple weeks, he has started saying something that sounds like “Yes, sir” to things that he is really fervent in answering “yes” about something.

And there are also those heart-warming moments when he’ll burst out with something sweet. The other day, I was putting him in his high chair when he looked across the room at Stephen and said, “I love Daddy.”

I asked him, “Really? Do you love, Mommy?”

“Um-hmm,” Jared replied. “I love baby Loot.”

Jared hasn’t quite gotten the grasp of the “k” sound, yet. But it is really cute to hear him call his brother, “Loot.”