Experiencing Dora Live

For those of you who might think that kids are getting a real glimse of Latin culture and Spanish language through the Dora the Explorer videos sold in the U.S., think again. 

We were recently at the birthday party held for the first birthday of a couple who work at the school.  The husband has been teaching the elementary Spanish classes for the past two years.  He and his wife and entire family are Ecuadorian.

They put together a huge party which included blow up bouce house, face painting and a cotton candy machine (all which their one year old couldn’t enjoy, but her elementary aged guests could).  After a couple hours of free play, the kids were brought together for the great “show.”  A very animated lady on a microphone greeted all the children.  Behind her it was hard to miss the “Dora the Explorer” theme in the decorations and the birthday cake. 

But we didn’t expect what came next.  Suddenly a live “Dora” came out from behind the bushes to dance and sing with the children.  Soon, a live “Boots”  (“Botas” in Spanish) who was actually taller than the Dora figure, also joined the circle of children.  The kids were going crazy trying to shake their hands or give them hugs.  Jared and Luke weren’t sure what to think about the people with the big plush heads. 

Luke does a double-take on Dora's large head.

Then Dora and Boots began to sing and dance and encourage all the children to join them.  However, I’ve never seen Dora shake her hips on the video as much as she did at this birthday party.  That girl had some real latin moves going on. 

At one point, the kids were sprayed with white foam during the singing and dancing.

Of course, all this activity was taking place completely in Spanish. The two characters led the children in some jumping and dancing games and then finished off by breaking a pinata over their laps so that everyone would have the same opportunity to get some birthday candy.

It was a birthday party that Jared and Luke will not forget for a while.

6 Signs you are watching too much Dora

This post is for all of you out there who have a toddler in your life who likes to watch the “Dora the Explorer” series.  Someone in our family gave it to us when Luke was born and Jared has become quite a fan.  I end up watching a lot of the shows with him.  That is why I’ve come up with this short list of “6 Signs you are watching too much Dora.”  Perhaps some of these sound familiar to you.  =)

#1 – You have “Dora the Explorer” songs stuck in your head all day.

#2 – You find yourself throwing your arms up in the air when you get really excited.

#3 – You find yourself shouting “Seatbelts! So we can be safe!” when you get into a car.

#4 – You have random Spanish phrases stuck in your head.  (I’m fluent in Spanish and it still happens to me). 

#5 – You have the backpack and map songs memorized.

#6 – Every time your toddler does something amazingly brilliant, you shout in a sing-song voice, “Good thinking!”