October – Coming Up For Air

Date: October 25, 2009
Location: Quito, Ecuador

It was nearly three months ago that I (Cristina) began planning for our next batch of posts to add to this blog.  I was excited about some of the topics I wanted to share with all our friends and family.  I planned on writing these little articles at the end of August and taped a little sticky note up above my computer for my “End of August Blog.”

Suddenly, the end of August was upon us like a rushing torrent of activities that would carry us into the new school year.  The only recourse was to dive in and get started. There was new teacher orientation, followed by returning teacher orientation and several days of “in-service” sessions that focused on faith integration into the classroom.

The torrent only sped up as classes began on September 7.  The weeks rushed by as we juggled our school responsibilities with our home responsibilities and other projects we had on our plates.  Before we knew it, we had finished five weeks of school and were handing out progress reports.

We continue to speed our way along to the end of the first quarter; which is less than four weeks away. However, I am finally coming up for air in mid-October and I’m excited to get back in touch with all of you.

Please browse through our categories to find the answer to the following questions:

Under TCK Views
*Why is loose change so important to carry around the streets of Quito?
*What has Stephen been learning about the culture and language in the past few months?

Under Ministry
*What is the Alliance Academy International doing to celebrate their 80th anniversary coming up in November?

Under Family News
*Did Cristina pass the two sections of her Ph.D. exams that she had to repeat this fall?
*As a full-fledged 2 year old, what new things has Jared learned to say?
*At nine and a half months, has Luke become mobile?

We look forward to the e-mails we receive from all of you.  Know that if you send us a personal e-mail, we will take the time to write you back personally.  We appreciate your prayers, encouragement and support of our ministry.

The MK Meier Clan (Cristina, Stephen, Jared & Luke)
e-mail: crcmeier@yahoo.com

Two year old, Jared, and 9-month-old, Luke enjoy a "ride" in the basket mobile.

Two year old, Jared, and 9-month-old, Luke enjoy a “ride” in the basket mobile.