From Texas to Thailand: Where are the Mk Meiers going?

In my February update,I mentioned that I was running a single-family home as Stephen was globe trotting to find a new administrative position that would support us financially and allow me to stay at home for a few years with our three kids.  After many inquiries, applications, forms and interviews, it seemed that the opportunities were narrowing themselves down to two locations.  It was going to be either Texas or Thailand.  Besides the fact that they both start with the letter “T” and are less than an hour away from the ocean, the similarities end there. 

Texas is only one time zone away where Thailand is 12 time zones away.  Texas gets a fair balance of heat and cold throughout the year, where Thailand is a consistent, tropical and humid climate.  They speak Thai in Thailand and…well, you know what they speak in Texas. Of course, Texas is part of the United States and would mean that we would no longer be working in an international community in the way that we could in Thailand and the way that we have grown to love in Ecuador. 

After visiting both schools, Stephen felt positive about working in either location.  I began to pray that God would make it obvious where we should go, because it was looking like a hard decision to make.  When Stephen returned to Ecuador, neither school had officially offered a position.  So, I prayed that God would close the door in Texas if he really wanted us to go to Thailand.

A few days later, the school in Texas offered us a wonderful financial package that opened a financial opportunity for me to stop working and for us to be able to afford to live in the U.S. once again.  After talking to the director in the school in Thailand once again, we felt that God was guiding Stephen to accept the position as ‘Head of School’ for Brazosport Christian School in Lake Jackson, Texas.

We feel at peace in knowing where we will be going next year, since we have been waiting so long for God’s direction in this decision.  We hope and pray to be able to return to the mission field at some point in the future, but believe that God will provide many avenues of ministry to serve him in this new position as the head of a school in a small community of Lake Jackson, Texas. 

Now, it is time to enjoy the last few months of our time at the Alliance Academy International and try to make closure in our hearts as we prepare to leave the country that we have enjoyed ministering in so much in the past three years.  The move is not an easy one, because we have grown to appreciate the community and the students that we work with here.  But we know that God is calling us to move on and we are ready to follow his leading.