The Meier Boys’ Bedtime Routine

Jared and Luke put Bible stickers in their notebooks.

Every night after getting ready for bed, we have a “story-time” routine.  In the past few months, this time has developed past simply reading a few story books.  We added a Veggie Tale devotional book for kids for a while.  Then, Jared joined Awana Cubbies and we began to add this Cubbie book lessons to our “story-time reading and activities.  Jared spends some time learning Bible verses and Luke sometimes tries to mimic what Jared is saying. 

When we are all done, we pray together before the boys go to sleep.  For several months, I would sit at Jared’s bed and Stephen would sit at Luke’s bed while the boys prayed laying down and looking up at the ceiling. A couple weeks ago, as Stephen began planning his school-visiting trips, I realized that I was going to be by myself during this process for several days.  So, I began to change their prayer time routine by having both boys kneel at the foot of Jared’s bed so we could pray together.  Luke sits on my lap and Jared kneels next to me.  My heart swells as I listen to them repeat after me.  Jared has actually started adding a few lines he thinks of on his own.

It’s both exciting and scary to think of his little mind trying to comprehend the spiritual aspects of our routine.  One night, he was lying on his bed and staring at the ceiling shortly after I got his pajamas on and I could tell he was thinking about something quite deeply.  Then, he turned to me and asked me, “Mommy, where’s God?”

I felt my heart stand still for a second as I tried to break down that question in a way that a three year old might understand it.  It’s amazing to me that he will soon be at the age where we can explain the message of Jesus’ love and sacrifice and the salvation of mankind.  It is also a bit terrifying that I am the primary tool for communicating that message in his life.  All I can do is pray that Jared will somehow see Jesus’ love in me in spite of my flaws and weaknesses.