A “Published” Principal

Soon after the school year began, our school’s director approached Stephen with a project.  He had been asked by the “Christian School Education” magazine if he would write article about bullying to be put into their spring issue that would touch on topics regarding school safety.  He decided it was one thing that he didn’t have time for and asked Stephen if he might be interested.  He had told the editors of the magazine that he recommended Stephen to write it because he is the secondary principal who deals more with the issues of bullying and that is wife is a journalist and could help him to write a good article.

That is how I got drafted into editing Stephen’s article about his experiences dealing with bullying at Christian schools.  Being a busy man, Stephen waited until the morning that the article was due to have me edit the article.  He woke me up early one morning in November that I could edit it before he had to fax it to their main office.

As Stephen got our boys ready for the day, I read through his article while trying to ignore all the activity going on in the house.  Finally, I gave the article back to him and he sent it in.  Several months passed by.  Last week, Stephen received a box in the mail from the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI).  In the box was five copies of “Christian School Education,” Volume 13, Number 3, 2009/2010 and a letter thanking Stephen for contributing in their most recent edition of the magazine.  The title of the magazine on the front cover was, “Are Christian Schools Safe?”

Also on the front cover were the titles and authors of four of the articles to be found within the magazine.  The last title was “Confronting Bullying Using Justice and Love” with Stephen Meier’s name underneath. 

That was a special moment for Stephen and worth getting up early in the morning to help edit his writing.