Changes for the new school year (2010-2011)

During the summer, Stephen and I received an e-mail from the director of Alliance Academy International (AAI), stating the following:

“After prayer, careful consideration, and substantial research of legal risks and implications, the Foundation and Governance Board of the ‘Fundacion Academia Alianza Internacional’ voted to authorize the Director to take the necessary steps to withdraw the Academy from the relationship with the Ministry of Education [of Ecuador]. The Academy’s request was formally presented to the Ministry on Monday, July 5, and documentation was received today which officially REPEALS the 2007 ‘Acuerdo Ministerial’ which brought the AAI under the authority and supervision of the Ministry of Education.

“The Academy’s primary objective in submitting to the Ministry of Education and meeting national educational requirements has been to confer Ecuadorian diplomas for those students who will remain in Ecuador for university studies, especially in the traditional universities which require the national diploma. However, after three years, AAI has not had one Ecuadorian diploma approved by the Ministry, leaving our graduates in the same circumstances as graduates before the relationship with the Ministry was formalized. (AAI graduates choosing to attend the traditional Ecuadorian universities have been obliged to go through the same diploma approval process as graduates prior to Ministry recognition.) 

“The AAI will continue to operate under the legally-constituted AAI Foundation, and will produce academic records and confer diplomas accredited by AdvancED (Southern Association of Colleges and Schools) and the Association of Christian Schools International. AdvancED is the world’s largest accreditation agency, with accredited schools in sixty-five countries. ACSI is the world’s largest Christian accrediting agency, with member schools in one hundred countries. AAI’s records and diplomas will continue to be recognized internationally.

“The Academy will continue to offer the instructional content in the high school to assure that graduates remaining in Ecuador will be well-prepared for admission and success in national universities. In addition, graduates will be provided assistance in obtaining recognition of the Academy’s international diplomas by the limited number of universities in Ecuador requiring validation of the such diplomas. Assistance in legalizing academic records for students transferring from AAI to national schools will also be provided.”

This was exciting news for all of us who had watched the struggle the school had in adapting to all the regulations being given to us by the Ministry of Education.  It was because of these regulations that we had the longest school year in the history of the academy last year and did not finish classes until June 25th.  It was during the 2009-10 school year that it became clear that the structures, programs, and processes of the AAI were not compatible with those of the national education system.

We are excited that we will be able to finish the school year a week earlier this year and have extra holidays added to the school year. 

All faculty and staff are expected to be on campus as of Friday, August 27. Classes begin on Thursday, September 2.

Many renovations have taken place on campus during the summer.  The walkways between buildings have been completely remodeled, buildings have been painted and new wheel chair ramps have been made in the efforts to make the entire campus wheel chair accessible to the students who are in middle school and will be entering high school in the next couple years.