The Frequent Flier “Planned” a Trip for April

************Special Note: Update Listed Below***********

As of mid-March, Stephen cancelled his April trip to the U.S. and made a decision to stay in Ecuador for at least one more year. Find out more at the following link:
     Ever since last November, Stephen has been looking for job openings for a school administrator position in light of the possibility of not being able to continue working at the Alliance Academy International. 

     As we pray for God’s direction for the following school year, Stephen has also received feedback from most of the schools to which he has made inquires.  Some schools have sent polite and brief rejection letters.  Some have expressed interest in keeping his record on file and others have set up interviews and asked if it would be possible for him to come visit them.
     In light of these requests, Stephen has decided to make a week long trip to the U.S. to visit the schools that seem the most likely to offer him a position for next year.  

     His specific itinerary for his April trip is not complete at this point.  All he knows for sure at this point is that he might be visiting schools in northern Florida, Georgia, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and possibly Massachusetts and returning to Quito on May 2nd.  He will be looking for places to spend the night as he travels around looking at schools.  You can let him know if you are interested in the possibility of visiting with him in this whirlwind traveling adventure.  Cristina and the boys will be staying in Quito.


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