Big Prayer Requests for November

It’s been a while since we’ve asked for specific prayer for our lives. Right now, we have two big prayer requests that feel a little overwhelming to us.


#1: Cristina has been sruggling to finish her Ph.D. for the past few years.  She passed her qualifying exams in the fall of 2009, but was unable to write any of her dissertation for the following year and a half.  She made a decision to try to finish the dissertation this year and graduate in May of 2012.  So far, she has completed a rough draft of her first chapter and has been working on her second chapter for almost seven weeks.  Now, she three weeks left to finish the first three chapters of her dissertation so that she can defend her dissertation proposal by Thanksgiving vacation. She needs to be able to concentrate on her writing and not get distracted during the hours that Stephen is home to take care of the kids.


#2: Stephen and Cristina are finally settled down into their home in Lake Jackson.  Their debts and payments are also settling into a monthly routine as well.  They finally went through their budget together last week and found that they are $700 underbudget.  That means, they have to figure out how to cut that much money out of their spending and still be able to pay back their debts, bills, health insurance premium and still be able to tithe and put some money into a savings account each month. Please pray for wisdom, especially since we are now coming into the holiday season and there is no extra money for holiday trimmings or gifts.

New Year’s Prayer Requests

We are so grateful to all of you who have kept us in your thoughts and prayers as we continue our ministry at the Alliance Academy International (AAI) in Quito, Ecuador.  Here are a few specific prayer requests:

*Stephen’s Conference Trip to Miami – Stephen is traveling to Miami, Florida for a week to attend an education conference focused on curriculum mapping.  This conference will help him gain the skills he needs in his role as director of curriculum at AAI.  He will be there from January 11-15.  Please pray for his safety and that he will learn a lot at the conference.  Also pray for Cristina who will be playing the role of “single mom” of a two-year-old and one-year-old in his absence.

*Cristina’s Ph.D. research – Although she passed her exams in October, she has been struggling in really getting her research together to begin writing her dissertation.  Please pray for the mental energy she needs to begin the writing process as she is experiencing some writer’s block and mental burn-out at this time.

*Students Finishing their First Semester – this is very stressful and busy time for most of the students at AAI.  Please pray for them to continue to be diligent and not to get discouraged by the amount of tests and projects that they need to accomplish, and that they will still be able to find time to grow spiritually in spite of these challenges. 

*Our nephew Joshua Alexander Cobb – he was born three months early (November 29) and is under neonatal hospital care in Gainesville Florida.   Pray for him to develop normally in spite of the challenge of being born so prematurely and pray for his parents to have patience, wisdom and peace during this time as they wait for their baby boy to be strong enough to bring home. 
Link to their blog here:

Blessings in Christ,
The MK Meier Family

June Prayer Requests

Although we just updated our blog  a few days ago, I would like to ask that you help us pray for two specific situations that have come up recently.

NOTE: These prayer requests have been updated at the end of June.  
*Juan Moya “walked” with his classmates and will receive his diploma by the end of the summer.  His eye is continuing to improve. 
*Thank God with us for little Isabella who seems to be in full health once again. She and her mom have recently returned to Quito after spending the summer with family in the U.S.

1) Juan Moya (AAI senior) 
victim of a freak accident involving a badminton birdie to the eyeball

2) Isabella Greer (a 2 1/2 month old daughter of AAI staff)
an almost SIDS baby with a big heart