Two Plus One Equals Three

The test that came out positive

This following week, Stephen and Cristina and the boys are going to visit Cristina’s obstetrician to talk about a new discovery she made at home a few weeks ago.

 She was noticing a slight difference in her body at the end of the month of July.  Early in August, she took a home pregnancy test that came out…positive. 

So, we are ready to announce to the world that the Meier family is planning to expand to include a third child sometime next spring. 

If all is going as can be predicted, I am currently eight weeks into my pregnancy and should be do in early April.  We would appreciate your prayers for a healthy pregnancy.  I know….I know….some people are also saying, “I hope you have a girl this time!”  We’ll see what God blesses us with as two plus one will equal three little ‘MK’ meiers in about seven months.

We will keep you updated as time goes by.