The Lively Luke

My two year old continues to amaze, impress and drive me crazy at the same time.  He is almost at the stage where we can really communicate to each other and yet there are still so many moments when I am clueless about what he trying to tell me.  Sometimes I can see the frustration come out on his face when he just can’t get his message across to me.  Sometimes it requires a translator, which sometimes Jared is the only one who understands what he is saying.  I don’t know how he does it, but my four year old can pretty much figure out what Luke  is trying to say most of the time.

Luke fluctuates from trying to do everything himself and then wanting help.  He goes back and forth between following his big brother around as his shadown and copying everything he says or does and….simply running away to do his own thing.  Unfortunately, his own thing is usually getting into something or some drawer that Mommy has spefically forbidden.

My newest challenge is keeping him with me when we go into big retail stores of some kind.  I’ve begun making use of a rainbow colored wrist band that looks slightly like a leash.  I call it “Luke’s special bracelet” and we let Luke wear it so that Mommy won’t run away from him.  This line seems to keep him pacified when he finds himself restrained to a few feet from mommy’s side even as Jared runs and jumps circles all around us.

One day at the department store, I found Luke was talking and babbling to himself and realized he was trying to strike up a conversation with a nearby headless manikin.  Before I finally persuaded him to come with me, he said “Good-bye” to the manikin and blew it a kiss.

Currently, I’m trying to get him potty trained.  We aren’t quite there yet, but I think we are getting closer.

Luke greets me from inside a playground toy.