Experiencing Valentine’s Day the Sophomore Way

One of the challenging tasks in my life has been sponsoring the sophomore class. I don’t know if every student goes through their own “sophomoric” phase in life, but the students I have to say that these particular sophomores live up to the meaning of their name “wise fools.” 

It takes a lot of patience and a pinch of humor to make it through weekly class meetings and try to motivate the students to be involved in the fund raisers required of their class.  At the beginning of February, we realized that the sophomore class was in charge of selling roses on Valentine’s Day, which has been a big tradition at this school for a long time.

We quickly threw together a sign up list for volunteers to help sell flowers during the week before Valentine’s Day and somehow managed to sell over 500 roses that we were also in charge of delivering across campus on Monday, February 14. 

Cristina with two students and a mom organizing the Valentine's Day delivery at AAI.

Since our family lives on campus, it seemed easiest to station all the flowers in our home.  Two of the class officers (and one of their mothers) came over to our house on Sunday afternoon and spent over four hours arranging flowers and organizing them according to the buildings and classrooms where they would be delivered on Monday.

On Monday morning, I rounded up the sophomores who were in their study halls.  Some came willingly, others grumbled about it, but they all helped to deliver all the flowers in about thirty minutes.  I was actually quite impressed that all but about two dozen roses did end up in the hands of those who were intended to receive them. 

 Stephen ordered 30 red roses for me and they stood proudly on our dining room table for a week.  That is one great thing about living in a country that has become one of the largest producers and exporters of quality roses.  One can buy quality roses for somewhere between 10 cents to 35 cents each.