Signs I’ve only seen in Ecuador

Although I’m an American citizen by birth and nationality, I have lived most of my live outside of the United States.  Nevertheless, I can safely say that there are certain things that I’ve found astonishing or hilarious while living in Quito, Ecuador.  I never noticed them when I lived here as an adolescent, but I’m definitely noticing them now.  So, let me share with you some signs I’ve only seen in this country.  If you’ve seen something similar in the U.S., please let me know. I would love to hear a comparison.

(Note: I’ve translated these signed into English, but they appeared first in Spanish). 

#1 – Please show your level of education when you use this urinal. 
Comment – Hmmm…it must take a certain level of education to know how to flush a toilet properly or how to dispose of toilet paper.  I wonder what they expect of those who have their master’s degree or Ph.D.? 

#2 – This ice cream treat consists of vanilla flavored vegetable grease and covered with chocolate.
Comment – Yummm…I’m sure this advertisement strategy would not work in the U.S. Or perhaps there is a certain group of people out there just dying for a taste of “vanilla flavored vegetable grease.” 

#3 – Please decide what item you wish to pull out before you open the door.
Comment – This sign was posted on the door of the frozen food section in the grocery store.  I’m guessing they’ve had trouble with people just opening the freezer door and standing there for hours staring at all the rows of frozen vegetables and microwave dinners. 

#4 – When you go shopping, think “Ecuador” first.
Comment – This is actually one of the slogans that belong to a political campaign against imported goods.  The current presidential administration is trying to encourage people to buy goods that are made in Ecuador instead of buying those are that imported by foreign companies.

As I see more interesting signs, I’ll be sure to update this post.