A Day Late and A Dollar Short

In case you didn’t hear about it on someone’s Instagram, SnapChat or FB post, this past Saturday (August 10) was “National S’mores Day.” I didn’t think about it too much at the beginning of the year when I was creating cute little calendars for my four children to hold onto for the 2019 year.  I was just trying to add as many fun and interesting “celebrations” as I could find for my kids to enjoy.

It wasn’t until the beginning of August as we finished settling into our new home in Ankara, Turkey, that it hit me that there might be groups of people celebrating this gooey and sticky tradition who might be interested in playing a card game to go along with their sweet tooth (as soon as they wash the melted marshmallow and chocolate smears off their hands).

Now, this isn’t a card game that you will find in your traditional stores.  Stephen created the game with the help of a computer art designer, and he bought the copyright so that he could sell the game through the on-line game site known as “www.gamecrafter.com” at the following site:


First, picture yourselves playing this game as your stomach digests graham cracker mixed with chocolate and marshmallow.  As you and your fellow card holders flick cards into a middle pile, you wait patiently for a graham cracker card to be laid down, followed by a marshmallow card and a chocolate card and then finally another graham cracker so that you can slap the deck before anyone else does.  You either hope to win by collecting all the cards in the deck or gaining three coins (one for every s’more that you smash).  It’s a fast pace and fun game for everyone.
smashinsmores_cardssmashinsmores_frontcard(the cost for one deck of cards is less than $7 dollars USD!)

Secondly, remember that every deck of cards that is purchased is helping our family to regain our financial foothold as we transition into our new jobs as Christian workers in an international school in Ankara, Turkey.

I know I am a few days late to be advertising for National S’mores Day.  We are most definitely more than a few dollars short of living “in the black” when it comes to our financial situation.  We are amazed at the ways in which God has supplied our needs over and over again. Several people have stepped up and given us generous donations to help us with our big international move from Far East Asia to the Middle East.  But we are struggling with debt and the gap in our salary between our jobs that ended in early June and this new one that technically does not begin until the beginning of September.

If you cannot support us on a monthly basis, consider purchasing this fun game that you can play with family and friends, knowing that the money you used to make your purchase is helping us with our moving costs and getting started in this new adventure of learning a new culture and language.

Take a moment to visit the site to find out how to make this fantastic game your own:


If you are interested in helping us out beyond purchasing our game, you can click here to find out how to help us on a one time basis or a monthly basis.




Urgent Need for MK Meier Supporters


June 2019: MK Meier Kids Preparing for our big move from the Far East to the Middle East

UPDATE FOR AUGUST 2019: We need prayers for financial support.  We are so grateful for those who are praying for us already.  We have seen God work in amazing ways to provide the money that we need to move to Turkey.  However, we are still struggling to get back into the black.  We have had to borrow money that we need to pay back as soon as possible.


Please read below to become a financial supporter:


How? Do NOT put our names anywhere on the check! The money is processed through the organization in a tax deductible format by the U.S. government.  Although we will receive 100% of the money you sent this way, it cannot have our name on the check.

Write “OASIS” on the “To” line.  On the bottom of the check write our project number so that they will know who the money is for.  Do not put the staff member’s name on the check (per IRS requirements).  Our project number is 004250.  Mail the check to the OASIS office in the United States. Mail the check to:  OASIS, Finance Dept., 3790 Goodman Rd E, Southaven, MS 38672.  Donors are mailed a receipt after they make a donation.  This receipt has a tear-off portion (and a return envelope) if they wish to make another donation.  

2. DONATE ONLINE: http://oasisis.org/donate

 How? Choose the “Donate Now” button.  When the new page opens, you can choose a specific amount of money.  If you are interested in a monthly recurring gift, you can choose “Monthly” and the money can be pulled out at a designated day of the month for you.  

Under the word, Designation, choose “Staff Support.”   A box will pop up that says “Staff Name or Project Number.”  This is where you can type in our names and project number #004250.  Complete the billing information.  Donors can use either a debit/credit card or a checking account. After you complete the donation information, select “Preview.”  Review the donation and choose “Donate.”


How? Call the OASIS Finance Department, any time between 8 -5 (Central Standard Time), Monday through Friday, to make one-time donations or to set up a recurring donation over the phone. Make sure to have our project number on hand: #004250.   The direct number for Kim Ponder is 662-892-4332.



New Year’s Prayer Requests

Before going into the stories for this past month, I’d like to share some quick prayer request items with you.  Please, keep these things in mind when you pray for our family and the ministry God has allowed us to participate in during the past three years.

1) That we’ll find new renters for our townhouse in West Virginia very soon.  We have been without renters for three months and it is hurting us financially.

2) That Cristina’s mom, Helen Cobb (a missionary in Guatemala), will be able to raise the extra support needed so that she can come down to Ecuador in early April to help Cristina when baby #3 comes into the world.  A round trip ticket from Guatemala to Quito is between $800-$1000.  So far, a friend has offered $100 toward the trip.

3) That Stephen will be given a good job offer soon so that we can start looking forward to the next location of ministry that God is leading us toward.

4) That Cristina will be able to finish writing her dissertation in the next five months.  She has been struggling with writing the first chapter (approximately 20 pages), but made some headway on it during the Christmas break.

5) That Jared will learn and grow in the knowledge of the Lord as he has started to attend Awana meetings and is going to Sunday school at church.  What is encouraging is that Jared really enjoys memorizing Bible verses. Little Luke still attends nursery and is too young for Awana.  

Jared is ready and excited about attending Awana for the first time this year.

Support and Financial Update

We have been very blessed this school year to have free housing in one of the apartments available on the Alliance Academy International campus.  We live in the basement level of the back wing of the Alliance dorm.  We share this basement level with the AAI Dining Commons that provides lunches for high school students.  A few dorm students live in the floors above and other wings have been rented out to other AAI teachers. 

We have also been able to keep up with our mortgage payments, because we had a renter staying in our townhouse since last March.

We have also been blessed with the additional financial support of different friends and family throughout the past few months.  Thank you so much for those who have prayed for us and those who have given of their finances to help us continue our ministry here.

We recently heard from our realtor that our renter is interested in moving out of the townhouse.  Our realtor also suggested that we find someone else to manage the renting of our home, because his business is moving more toward the leasing of business property as opposed to private property.

However, when we called him to discuss our options, he told us that the renter was not ready to leave the townhouse at the end of her lease (beginning of March).  She has requested to stay in our townhouse on a month to month basis until she finds the new job and new home that she is looking for.  It appears that our realtor will continue to take care of the rental until she leaves.

Therefore, our financial situation will remain steady until the end of March.  We will just have to wait and see what God brings us at that point.