Texas Routines

In the past few months, we’ve gone to stores and garage sales to get all the things we needed for our home.  We’ve adjusted to a new altitude, new food, and a new schedule in which mommy doesn’t have to rush off to work and in which Daddy has to leave a lot earlier than he used to in Ecuador.  So far, we’ve come down with the following weekly routine.

Monday – Mommy gets up earlier and runs on the treadmill.  Then after breakfast, we go to the pool store with a sample of the pool water to get it tested so that we know how much cleaning agent we need for its weekly cleaning.  When Cristina and Stephen bought the small 8 foot wide by 3 foot deep pool, they didn’t realize how much maintenance would go into keeping it clean.  But they are glad they have it in this hot, Texan weather. After running errands, we come back home for lunch and an afternoon nap.  Mommy is grateful to get all three kids sleeping between the hours of 2pm and 4pm.  She usually gets the house swept and mopped during that time.  Then Stephen comes home to play with the kids before dinner.

At some point during the day, we also work on Jared’s Awana lesson for the week and his memory verses and try to work on some of his phonics lessons.  Right now, he is going through the capital letters of the alphabet.  Luke is trying to keep up with him, but he’s not quite figuring it all out.  He doesn’t seem to mind.  He is just content to repeat everything Jared says.

Tuesday – Mommy tries to get on the treadmill before the kids get up.  Then, after breakfast, we all go to the library for story time with one of the librarians.  This is usually followed by an arts and craft time.  Jared and Luke have fun doing the craft and then selecting new books to check out of the library and bring home.  Then it is lunch time and nap time. Mommy spends some time on the phone with her advisor talking about what she needs to do to get her Ph.D. dissertatation written…ever so slowly.  Then she tries to get some dusting done before the kids wake up.

At the Lake Jackson Library

Wednesday – After breakfast, we all meet up with our “play date” buddies.  A lady I met at the library and her four year old son have come with us to the Texas Sea Center (a Fish hatchery), the Gulf Coast Observatory or visit each other’s homes.  This keeps the boys busy for the rest of the morning.  Wednesday evenings, Jared also attends Awana at a church in Clute.  It’s the only church in the area that has an Awana program.

Posing in front of a statue at the Sea Center of Texas

Thursday – After Mommy runs on the tread mill, breakfast is served a little more quickly, because we all have to rush out the door for her to make it in time to her weekly women’s Bible study that she started attending last month.  Most of the time, she arrives at the Bible study about 5-10 minutes late, but no one seems to mind too much.

Friday – This is usually Mommy’s day to wind down and do some things with the kids around the house.  Sometimes they just go out in the yard so the boys can get out some excess energy before nap time. Sometimes they’ve gone garage sale shopping on Fridays and Saturday.  Some evenings, they have gone to watch a BCS football game.

Saturday – There isn’t really a schedule for Saturday.  We’ve gone to garage sales, or driven to the beach or played around the house.  Just this past week, we joined a group of people to do a 5km race sponsored by the school.  Jared and Luke ran a short race for little kids.  Stephen and Cristina ran the 5km race.  It is usually the day that weekly shopping gets done.

Sunday – We go church shopping.  Yes, eventually, we will decide to go to one church on a regular basis.  Right now, we are making sure to visit as many as we can before we make that decision.

So, this is a typical schedule at the Meier household.  Cristina is enjoying being a home maker and spending time with her three kids.


Graduating the class of 2011

For the first time since we’ve been here, I was unable to get a babysitter to watch my kids during graduation.  Our first year, I had someone babysit Jared and I took Luke with me to graduation.  He was only five months old and slept through most of it.  Our second year, I found a couple babysitters to watch Jared and Luke and I was able to spend some time greeting the graduating seniors after the event was over. 

However, I still have the same challenge each year.  My regular babysitters want to attend graduation and I have to find someone the boys are unfamiliar with who doesn’t plan to go to graduation.  This year, I wasn’t able to find anyone who didn’t want to go to graduation. 

So, Stephen and I came up with a back up plan.  I would borrow one of the classrooms attached to the gymnasium where the students would graduate.  The boys could sit in there and watch a movie and I could sit right outside the classroom door with the baby to watch the graduation from there. 

Although I couldn’t focus my full attention on the graduation procedures, I was able to there when Stephen was presented with a special trophy for his three years of service at the school.  I also watched him get bear-hugged by one of the seniors.  (Stephen thought he was going to fall off the stage with that hug.) 

I kept getting flash backs from my graduation in 1995, as I watched each student so proudly walk up on stage and pose with the Stephen to receive their diploma.  By 9pm on June 17, 2011, every senior was turning their tassel on their graduation cap and reveling in the fact that they were done with high school. 

In their honor, I’ve created a modified version of Ecclesiastes 3: 1-8

 A Time for Everything (at AAI)

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity at the AllianceAcademy:
A time to register for classes and a time to clean out lockers;
A time for seating charts and class syllabi,
And a time for collecting returned textbooks and giving final exams.
A time for greeting new students and time to congratulate graduating seniors,
A time to set down firm rules, and a time to tolerate senior pranks,
A time to teach and a time to learn,
A time to give lectures and a time to provide study halls,
A time to grade papers and a time to hang out,
A time to stress and a time to relax,
A time to hand out homework and a time to gather it in,
A time to hand out hall passes and a time to hand out diplomas,
A time to practice and a time to perform,
A time for new teacher bar-b-ques and a time for final staff chapels,
A time to give detentions and a time to give merit points,
There is a time for setting goals and a time for assessing the work that has been done.

Congratulations, AAI’s class of 2011!